Night Before Durgapuja at Kumartuli

The days before Durga puja at kumartuli, Kolkata are very busy. The idols are loaded on trucks. For months the artists work hard to finish the idols and then they are ready to go to the respective pandals. Here is a short film about idols being loaded on trucks.

Heavy rainfall and water logging

Kolkata experienced one of the heaviest rainfalls this year. I haven’t seen such rainfall in years. Continuous heavy rain. A 3 hour downpour made the city come to a standstill. There is no way the water can drain out. The ponds, lakes and canals are already over flooded.
But the city loves rain. Kids love rain. Its amazing to see the kids enjoying the water logging. Deliberately splashing water and getting wet.
Below is a small video of the water logging in south Kolkata.