Bakkhali, FraserGanj and Henry Island road trip

Bakkhali is one of the most popular weekend getaways. We recently went to a trip to Bakkhali from Kolkata. We took the Diamond Harbour road from kolkata and reached Diamond Harbour.

After a quick breakfast we headed  for Bakkhali. We reached Namkhana where you have to cross the Hatania-Doania river in a ferry.

The ferry ghat at Namkhana.

The Hatania-Doania river at Namkhana.

We then reached Fraserganj. The sand here is white. The beach is not crowded.

The Windmills at Fraserganj.

The beach at Fraserganj.

Fishing boats.

Next stop Bakkhali.

We took a dip in the sea and had lunch at Bakkhali. Next we went to Henry Island. It is a beautiful place. We wend through the mangroves and suddenly in front of us was the  breathtaking Henry Island.

The sunset at Henry Island.

Serene beach at Henry Island.

As the sun set it was time to go back home. Bye


Eating Out during Durga Puja

As much as people love Pandal hoping during the Durga Pujas, they love eating out. Specially street food. Some pictures of street food at puja pandals.

Phuchkawalls lined up, ready to serve.


Delicious Fries.


Ice cream Truck? May be ice cream toto.


What is better than pan after bhuri bhoj?