Ishwar Gupta setu

Kalyani is a beautiful place, a planned town in Nadia District of West Bengal. It is also a prime educational center of West Bengal. It is located about 50 Km from Kolkata. You can go there by train or you can go by road. The Kalyani Expressway is the best road to take and it takes around 1 hour to reach Kalyani from Kolkata. The road is beautiful. Leaving Kalyani there is the Ishwar Gupta Setu over the river Hoogly / Ganga . Its an old bridge but its beautiful. On crossing the Ishwar Gupta Bridge you will be at Bansberia of Hoogly District. There is a beautiful garden at Bansberia on the banks of the Hoogly river. Its full of flowers and well maintained. In the evening its feels wonderful to be in the garden and enjoy the view of the Hoogly river.

The Kalyani Expressway over the Railway Track. The bridge looks beautiful in the evening sunlight.

The Ishwar Gupta Bridge Over the Hoogly river connecting Nadia District to Hoogly District of WB. The view from the bridge and around is absolutely mind blowing.

At Bansberia on the banks of the river Hoogly and Just below the Ishwar Gupta Setu is this Beautiful garden. The View is awesome. The Park is clean and well maintained. Lots of amusement for the Kids.

A sort trip to Kalyani and Bansberia is really going to be good. Lot of surprises around the corner. You will definitely going to like it.

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