A raod trip to Tarapith – Visiting Tarapith Mandir

We started early in the morning from Kolkata by car. Tarapith is approx 240 Km from Kolkata. Crossing the Vidyasagar Setu we were soon on the NH2.  There are 2 toll gates on the way to Bardhaman. One at Dankuni and another at Palsit. We took a break at Saktigarh for breakfast.

Langcha shops at Saktigarh

Langcha shops at Saktigarh


We left NH2 at Bardhaman exit and took the road through Guskara to Shantiniketan.


The Bridge on the river Ajoy. Aban Setu.


We bypassed Shantiniketan and took the road to Suri. After crossing Suri we took NH60 towards Rampurhat. 4 Km before Rampurhat we took the right turn towards Tarapith. It took us 6 hours but we stopped at many places on the way. The roads are in very good condition apart from 10 – 15 km between Bardhaman and Guskara. The roads are being repaired there.

Hotels along the Tarapith Road


There are many hotels in Tarapith. The prices range from Rs200 – Rs 2000. For Rs600 to Rs 800 you can get a very decent hotel with free car parking. Tarapith is a small town and the people are friendly.  There are lot of good places for breakfast and dinner. We took a hotel near Tarapith mandir. We kept our bags, freshened up and went to visit the Tara ma Temple in the evening. Here are some pictures.

Bamakhepa Mandir at Tarapith


Tarapith Mandir Gate


TaraMa temple at Tarapith


Tarapith temple closer look.


Designs on the Tarama temple door


Tara Mayer Choron


Next morning we woke up early and went to the temple to offer puja. The temple opens at 4:00 AM till 6:00 AM. for silamurti puja. The mandir closes at 6:00 AM and reopens at 8:00 AM.  Then you can offer your puja. Tara ma is in Rajbesh now. There was a huge queue as lot of devotees come to offer their prayers. It takes 2  to 3 hours. The mandir again closes from 3:00 Pm to 4:00 Pm. Sandha arati is at 7:00 Pm. There are also many other temples inside. We offered our puja and left for the hotel. We checked out of hotel at 11:00 AM for Kolkata.

Watch our Video for complete journey and details.


Bakkhali, FraserGanj and Henry Island road trip

Bakkhali is one of the most popular weekend getaways. We recently went to a trip to Bakkhali from Kolkata. We took the Diamond Harbour road from kolkata and reached Diamond Harbour.

After a quick breakfast we headed  for Bakkhali. We reached Namkhana where you have to cross the Hatania-Doania river in a ferry.

The ferry ghat at Namkhana.

The Hatania-Doania river at Namkhana.

We then reached Fraserganj. The sand here is white. The beach is not crowded.

The Windmills at Fraserganj.

The beach at Fraserganj.

Fishing boats.

Next stop Bakkhali.

We took a dip in the sea and had lunch at Bakkhali. Next we went to Henry Island. It is a beautiful place. We wend through the mangroves and suddenly in front of us was the  breathtaking Henry Island.

The sunset at Henry Island.

Serene beach at Henry Island.

As the sun set it was time to go back home. Bye


Diamond Harbour – A breezy afternoon

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Situated 50 Km. away from Kolkata, Diamond Harbour is the ideal place for a short fun drive or weekend getaways. The riverside at Diamond Harbour is well decorated and well maintained. The view is amazing. Hoogly is so wide it looks like sea. The strong breeze from the river is mesmerizing. Ample seating arrangement is there by the riverside pavement. Also you can enjoy the Jhal Muri, Badam Bhaja, Icecream Bhutta while taking the long stroll along the river. If you want to stay there for a day or two, you can stay at “Sagarika Tourist Center” maintained by West Bengal Tourism Dept. or at “Ganga Bhaban”. On a full moon night, sitting down beside the river, the experience will be out of the world.

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